Our Vision

The Bradgate Park Trust’s vision is that future generations, regardless of age and background, will enjoy, value, understand and celebrate Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood’s inspiring landscapes and rich heritage.

A Vision for our Centenary: Our Strategy for 2017-2027

Our published Strategy outlines our Vision for the Trust and aspirations, and defines the Trust’s overall direction. It provides a broad framework for the delivery of our work and the ways in which we will seek to resource it, whilst still allowing the Trust the freedom to respond to new opportunities that may emerge.

Our Strategy was produced with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It is based around central themes that can be summarised through five Strategic Priorities.

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Strategic Priority 1

Providing high quality, accessible and diverse opportunities for all people (regardless of age or ability) to discover and enjoy Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood.

Strategic Priority 2

Conserving the landscape and heritage, both natural and man-made, that is in the Trust’s care, fully meeting our statutory obligations as custodians of the Estate, so they are maintained and improved now and for future generations.

Strategic Priority 3

Delivering both informal and formal broad educational and learning experiences for visitors of all ages, so that our local heritage and the wider environment are better understood and cared for.

Strategic Priority 4

Raising sufficient funds, from a range of sources, to ensure the delivery of these objectives to meet the needs of the landscape, heritage and wildlife, our visitors and the wider community.

Strategic Priority 5

Building the capacity, and capability of the Trust to deliver its objectives, improve our services and support the growth and development of the Trust. 

To find out more about our Strategic Plan click this link.

Our Values

The Trust will strive to be:

  • Accessible: in the services and information we offer, adapting to diverse needs and ensuring equality of access.

  • Professional: acting with integrity in everything we do, being a trusted, fair and responsible organisation.

  • Inspirational: in terms of our achievements and the stories we tell of the heritage in our care.

  • Focussed: the care of the internationally important landscape and heritage, and the quality of our visitors’ experience are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Welcoming: to all visitors, ensuring a quality experience in a quality environment.

  • Educational: with a commitment to learning opportunities for all ages, and training of our own staff and volunteers.