Oral History

Your memories, in your words.

Thanks to funding from the Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we have begun the process of creating a new oral history archive, made up of the recollections of our visitors and volunteers - and anyone with a love for the Park! From stories of picnics to pageants, visiting to volunteering, long rambling hikes to a quick meander down the carriageway - we want to hear it all.

We're inviting everyone to come along and reminisce with us - contributing your memories will go towards creating an invaluable archive that illustrates the fascinating history of the park, and the incredible connection that people have to it.

Got a memory you'd like to share? Give us a call on 0116 236 2713 ext. 34, or email Amy at [email protected]. We will give you more information about the project, and we'll organise a time to record your memories.

A piece of art, created by your memories.

Bradgate Park is landscape jam-packed full of memories, from first dates to first steps. With the help of our visitors, we created a piece of public art inspired by these memories, mounted on the side of the Deer Barn.

Through a series of workshops in collaboration with Buzzing Roots CIC, a group of visitors wrote poems and created artwork inspired by their memories of and connections to the park.

From sledding in the snow to sunsets at Old John, visiting alone during lockdown to visiting with dearest friends and family members - these memories were put together into one big poem, and have formed the basis of an artwork that celebrates the countless memories that have been made on the landscape of Bradgate Park.

Read the poem, created by our visitors, here.

Project supported by Buzzing Roots CIC.