Our Byelaws were made by the Trust Managing Committee under the Town Gardens Protection Act 1862 as applied by s.15(3) of the Open Spaces Act 1906 and as having effect by virtue of s.55 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. They cover the whole Estate and are enforced by our staff. 

We ask all visitors respect this guidance as these byelaws were designed to ensure protection of the Estate for future generations and the heritage in the Trust's custodianship.

Please note our Byelaws on dogs have been superseded by the 2017 Public Space Protection Order relating to visits with dogs. Details here.

Bradgate Park Byelaws are visible at various locations around the ParkBradgate Park Byelaws are visible at various locations around the Park

1. In the construction of these Byelaws:-

“the Committee" means the Managing Committee for the time being appointed for the management and administration of Bradgate Park in accordance with the provisions of a Deed of Trust dated 29th day of December 1928 and made between Charles Bennion, Esq.,J.P., and the County Council of the County of Leicester and the Corporation of the City of Leicester and other Deeds of trust supplemental thereto.

 “The Park” means Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood and any land adjoining either of them and for the time being under the control of the Committee.

“Unauthorised person” means any person except

  • a person for the time being duly authorised by the Committee in writing for any purpose in connection with the management, maintenance or administration of the Park;

  • a person acting in the legal exercise of some right in, over or affecting the Park, or

  • A person duly authorised by a person entitled so to act as aforesaid.

2. No unauthorised person shall enter or leave the Park otherwise through some/one of the gates, wickets, passages, steps or openings appointed by the Committee as the authorised means of entering or leaving the Park.

3. No unauthorised person shall climb any tree, wall or building or climb over any fence, hedge, wall or gate in the Park.

4. Where the Committee sets apart a lavatory for the use of one sex, as indicated by a Notice affixed or set up in a conspicuous position near to such a lavatory, no person of the opposite sex shall improperly enter or use such lavatory.

5. No unauthorised person shall dig, cut or take turf, sods, gravel, sand, clay, rock or other substance on or from the Park or dig up or remove, cut, fell, pluck, or wilfully or negligently injure any gorse, heather, timber or other tree, shrub, brushwood, plant, bulb, fungus, moss, fern, or other vegetation growing thereon or remove any bud, berry, flower, leaf or seed thereof.

6. No unauthorised person shall light any fire, or place or throw or let fall any lighted match, or any other lighted substance or thing, in the Park.

7. No unauthorised person shall carry, fire or discharge any firearm, explosive or firework in the Park or throw or discharge any missile to the danger of any person, animal or bird in the Park.

8. No unauthorised person shall deposit on the Park, or in any pond or stream thereon, any wood, stone, sand, materials for the repair of roads, or any dung. rubbish or other offensive matter, or leave or scatter upon the Park any bottle, broken glass, egg shell, orange peel, paper or any other litter.

9. No person shall injure, deface or remove, any building, structure, seat, gate, wall, fence, noticeboard or other thing put up or maintained by the Committee on the Park, or deface any rock, tree or turf by cutting or otherwise writing or marking words or marks thereon.

10. No unauthorised person shall post, paint, distribute or display any bill, placard, advertisement or notice in the Park.

11. No unauthorised person shall catch, take, molest, wilfully disturb or kill any bird or animal or set any trap or net or lime any tree or lay any snare for any bird or animal or take a bird's egg or nest or shoot or chase or drive a bird, animal or fish in or on land and/or water on the Park or use the Park for the purpose of fishing in any waters adjacent thereto or encourage dogs to fight on the Park

12. No unauthorised person shall in the Park feed any deer nor induce or attempt to induce any deer to consume any article.

13. A person shall not cause or suffer any dog belonging to him or in his charge to enter or remain in the Park, unless such dog be and continue to be under proper control, and be effectually restrained from causing annoyance to any person, and from worrying or disturbing any animal or waterfowl or other bird and from entering any lake, pond, stream, or restricted area.

14. No person shall bathe in any lake, pond or stream upon the Park, or use the Park for bathing in any lake, pond or stream adjacent thereto.   


  1. No unauthorised person shall ride or lead any horse upon any part of the Park other than at such times and subject to such conditions as may be laid down by the Committee and other than upon a road or track set out and authorised by the Committee for the purpose.

  2. No unauthorised person shall draw, drive or propel across or over or place upon any part of the Park (other than upon a road, track or car park set out and authorised by the Committee for the purpose) any motor car, carriage, motor or pedal cycle, truck, caravan, cart, other vehicle or model.

  3. Any person riding or driving a horse or vehicle shall drive or ride it at a reasonable speed and in any case at a speed not in excess of any limit laid down by the Committee and so as not to be a nuisance to pedestrians. Horses shall not be ridden above a canter.

  4. No unauthorised person shall park any vehicle in the Park except at such times and places as may be authorised by the Committee.

  5. No unauthorised person shall permit any vehicle to remain in the Park after dusk.

16. When a track or way is set out and authorised by the Committee for use for specific purposes, or by specific kinds of vehicles, to be stated in notices exhibited in the Park no unauthorised person shall use such track or way, save for a purpose or with a vehicle of the kind so authorised.

17. Where by notices exhibited in the Park the Committee set apart any parts of the Park for a specific purpose, no unauthorised person shall enter any such part save for such purpose.

18.  No unauthorised person shall erect on the Park any building, shed tent or other structure.

19. No unauthorised person shall take any water from any pond or stream in the Park for any purpose except fighting fires in the Park.

20. No unauthorised person shall:

  1. place on the Park any show, exhibition, swing, round-a-bout, or other like thing; or

  2. carry on in the Park any business or trade (including photographic business); or

  3. hawk or sell or expose or offer for sale any article or thing in the Park.

21. No person shall:

  1. play or take part in any game in any car park on the Park; or

  2. play or take part in any game on the Park in such place or in such fashion as to cause annoyance to others.

22. No unauthorised person shall hold any meeting or assembly in the Park.

23. No person shall break in any horse on the Park.

24. No unauthorised person shall turn out or permit to remain on the Park any cattle, sheep or other animal.

25. No person shall on the Park use any indecent or obscene language to the annoyance of any person on the Park, or behave in an indecent or offensive manner.

26. No unauthorised person shall operate in the Park after being requested to desist by any person who is disturbed by the sound of the instrument any radio set, television set, tape recorder, gramophone, record player or similar instrument or operate or play upon any musical or noisy instrument.

27. No unauthorised person shall knowingly bring or leave or knowingly permit to be brought or left on or in the Park any form of living creature or vegetation in such circumstances that the same would be likely to reproduce or propagate Itself or cause damage to the Park or plant or animal life therein.

28. Any Officer of the Committee may remove from the Park any vehicle, structure, animal which may be on the Park in contravention of those Byelaws and also after due warning may remove any person who in his view commits any offence against these Byelaws.

29. No person shall wilfully obstruct, disturb, hinder, interrupt or annoy any other person in the proper use and enjoyment of the Park or any officer of the Committee in the exercise of his powers and duties under these Byelaws.

30. Every person who shall offend against any of the foregoing Byelaws shall on summary conviction, be liable for every offence to a penalty not exceeding £200.

31. Nothing in or done under any of the provisions of the foregoing Byelaws shall, in any respect prejudice or injuriously affect the rights of any person acting legally by virtue of some estate, right or interest in, over or affecting the Park.