Fallow Deer In Bradgate Park

No commercial activity may be carried out without the permission of the Bradgate Park Trust. This may include, for example:

  • guided walks or event (where a fee is charged);

  • food sales;

  • tutored courses or workshops;

  • filming or recording;
  • fitness training (where a fee is charged to participants);

  • professional dog walking/training;

  • photographic shoots (including wedding and marketing photography)


  • sale of images, merchandise with images or named that break intellectual property rights held by the Charity.

Commercial activity is expressly prohibited by our byelaws. The Trust will consider applications for activities,  and has developed a series of permissive licences and arrangements. Any application that is authorised will be subject to conditions and payment of a commercially based fee. This supports the work of the Charity to care for and maintain the Estate. Permission will only be given for activities that do not cause damage to the Park/Woodland, or detract from their enjoyment by visitors.

We do not tolerate unauthorised trading in our car parks and offenders will be politely moved on.

We do not normally invite food outlets to our events, other than those who are existing commercial partners of the Trust. 

Written application for permission to carry out any such activity should be made to the Estate Office, with a suitable period of notice to allow consideration (a minimum of two weeks). Please contact our Estate Office in writing outlining the proposed activity.

Holding Events

Small group in teh Park

Permission is not required as long as the following applies:

  • Fewer than 50 people are attending.

  • The event is not advertised to the general public.

  • No cooking or barbeques.

  • No charity collections/advertising/distribution of printed material.

  • No playing of music, amplified sound, or any form of regulated entertainment as defined in the Licensing Act 2003.

  • No infrastructure including tents, marquees, inflatables etc.

Please ensure that all litter is cleared at the end of the event.

Even where permission is not required, it is extremely helpful to us to be aware of any large groups of people on the Park so that our staff can support you better in case of emergency. 

To ensure everyone enjoys their visits, we ask that you refrain from the following:

  • Collecting or soliciting money. Any collections must take place outside the Park boundary and you need to check this with Charnwood Borough Council if you need a licence for this activity. Please remember the Bradgate Park Trust is a charity too, so you might wish to make a donation.

  • Corporate advertising and distribution of leaflets - if you are holding an informal staff picnic you will not be permitted to display any corporate banners or distribute promotional material.

  • Using glassware - we ask that you use plastic cups and bottles where possible. Broken glass is a hazard to other visitors and wildlife and very difficult to remove from the natural landscape.

  • Playing ball games - ball games are permitted, but please consider other visitors.

  • Fixing anything to trees or driving anything into the ground.

  • Releasing balloons - we ask you do not bring balloons into Bradgate Park, as when released they get caught up in the trees and are hard to remove. They can also be a hazard to the wildlife in the Park. Mass balloon releases are not permitted in for this reason.

  • Please do not feed the deer.

We have no objection to alcoholic drinks, but they must be available free of charge (i.e. not for sale), and for consumption by your guests only.

Remember, before you leave, to collect all of your litter together to take with you. Please do not leave any items unattended at any time, both to protect your items from theft and also to prevent them causing a possible security alert/risk to wildlife.

Any event where the press are notified and likely to be in attendance should receive prior authorisation.

Note that if any of the above do not apply, an application via our Estate Office will be required. Please email [email protected] with all event details or call 0116 236 2713 extension 22 to talk to the Estate Team. 

Blimps, balloon and advertising aids

We have a zero tolerance/permissions policy for hosting marketing blimps, balloons or advertising aids (including banners and liveried vehicles) on our property or land, including car parks. This includes non-rigid airships, tethered balloons, dirigibles and similar inflatable airborne craft.

The Trust offers bespoke arrangements for some activities and all enquiries should be directed to our Estate Office.