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This section contains general information about formal education activities at Bradgate Park, including the topics covered, number of pupils/students that can be accommodated, information on risk assessments and how to book. 

If you would like to visit the Park as self-led visit, please visit our self-led page for more information (link at bottom of this page).


Any proposed visits must be advised to the Bradgate Park Estate Office and can only take place once agreement is confirmed. Please note advance notice should be  given at least 4 weeks of the visit and the Estate Office ([email protected]) is only staffed Monday-Wednesday.

Please be aware the Trust is not able to offer any school support at the moment. We are not providing any Risk Assessments and the school will need to provide a copy of a Covid safe practice Risk Assessment to the Trust Estate Office prior to the visit, which should include information on social distancing within the busy Estate.

Our Visitor Centre is closed.

Tearooms have limited seating with only a takeout service. This is reserved for paying customers and should not be used for rest breaks by visiting groups.

Our toilet blocks only have limited access which includes a strict access policy (one visitor at a time) and social distance queues.

Car parks are also often full as the Park has been extremely busy. Any visiting coaches, even for drop off must be booked in at an agreed time. There is no exit over the exit bridge and coaches will require staff support for safe exit (via the entrance). This will incur a coach parking fee even if not staying as this involves staff support. Outside the Park bays are closed off due to the Pandemic so there is no drop off point in Newtown Linford

If the coach is staying this has a charge. Please liaise with the Estate Office over this.

The Park is extremely, busy especially on the carriage way, which has a one way system that requires social distancing. We will only be permitting one visiting school group at a time. No groups of more than 30 should be visiting the carriage way as the Park is remaining at capacity daily. Our priority is to keep all visitors safe

Further please note school  should not to enter the stream when visiting. The Park is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the permission we have to comply with legislation is for school visits  to be led by our staff and we cannot offer that at the moment. No permission is given for stream based activities by schools which are self-leading.

October is the rut and will be busy with photographers. All visits should ensure all children stay more than 30m away from deer .

Please provide  further details of what activities you propose and where you intend to visit on the Park – plus access arrangements via email to [email protected]



Our Newtown Linford entrance to Bradgate Park operates an 'entrance' & 'exit' system for all vehicles using this car park.  With immediate effect, coaches will no longer be able to leave this car park via the exit route but will have to be assisted by our staff to turn and exit via the 'entrance'.

It will be necessary for the coach company that you use to advise the Estate Office of your proposed visit if you are using the Newtown Linford car park to ensure we have the staff there to assist the coach for their exit.

Your co-operation is sought in order that we can continue to allow coaches to use Newtown Linford car park.  However if the Estate Office has not been advised of your visit, regrettably we will have no alterative but to turn away coaches from the Newtown Linford car park and re directed to Hunts Hill car park [Old John].

Educational session Volunteers


Bradgate Park offers your school excellent opportunities to learn outside the classroom, with a range of quality education sessions to choose from all of which take place outdoors, giving participants the chance to experience nature and learn about the varied heritage of the Park.

We offer a range of topics linked to the national curriculum that can help you achieve your learning objectives, during an enjoyable and safe visit. 

What is on Offer?

Stone Age - KS1 and KS2

Come along to see what life was like for Stone Age people living in the Park and have a go at life as a Stone Age person

Click here to download the session outline- KS1 and KS2 Stone Age

Habitats - Woodlands - KS1 and KS2

Come and visit a secret woodland within the Park.  Learn about the woodland habitat and what lives there.

Click here to download the session outline- KS1 woodlands

Click here to download the session outline- KS2 woodlands

Mini-beasts - KS1 and KS2

Come and discover the mini-beasts found in the Park and learn about the differences between them.  Will you be able to identify what you find?

Click here to download the session outline- KS1 minibeasts

Click here to download the session outline- KS2 minibeasts

River Life - KS1 and KS2

Find out about the river and what creatures live beneath the surface.  What will you find during your visit?

Click here to download the session outline- KS1 & KS2 riverlife

Ruins Tour-A Taste of Bradgate - KS1 and KS2

Within Bradgate Park are the ruins of the home where Lady Jane Grey, the nine day queen, lived.  Take a tour of the ruins to find out what it was like to live there and discover the tastes of the Tudors.

Click here to download the session outline- KS1 and KS2 A Taste of Bradgate

An Introduction to compass work and map skills - KS2

Children will learn how to use a compass and some basic map reading techniques.  All equipment will be provided.

Click here to download the session outline- KS2 compass skills

Alongside booked education sessions, you may wish to book a school group visit to the Visitor Centre, or use the day as a chance to explore the wider Estate.

If you would like to discover the Visitor Centre as part of your day, please note that there is a charge of 50p per child and that we can only accommodate up to 15 children at any one time. Please indicate this on the booking form if you would like to include it as part of your visit.

Explore Education sessions for learning and Schools Download


Per school activity session, up to maximum size of 30 pupils.

Up to 30 children for all educational establishments a set charge of


For all schools each additional child above 30, charged per child per session




Self-led activities available for hire by schools and groups such as the mini- beast kit box (Terms and Conditions apply)


Orienteering Booklet (please note the booklet is subject to copyright and copying is prohibited)


As there is no admission charge to visit Bradgate Park (other than parking costs), you only pay for the activities booked, ensuring that you have a great educational day out at a reasonable cost! 

Payment must be received a minimum of 7 days in advance of your visit. An invoice will be sent upon booking confirmation.

Cancellation policy

If a booking is cancelled more than 2 working days before the school is due to visit a full refund will be given.

If a booking is cancelled with less than 2 working days before the school is due to visit, a 50% charge will be made if the school re-books at that time.  A full charge will be levied if the visit isn’t being re-booked.


Advance booking is essential. Before booking any transport, please contact us to discuss the session you are interested in, numbers and to arrange a suitable date.

A pre-visit by the teacher is welcomed, as is discussion with the Trust's team regarding the activities to be provided. 

Once provisionally booked with the Trust, you will need to complete and return a school booking form, which can be downloaded from the website. When this has been received, you will be sent an acknowledgement letter.

Coach and bus parking is an additional charge (currently £12) and it can be booked in advance, please let us know at the time of booking if you wish to take up this option.

If you would like to arrange a visit or have any questions, please contact the Estate Office at [email protected] or phone 0116 236 2713

DOWNLOAD the Explore Educational Sessions Booking Form or fill in the Online form by CLICKING HERE and simply completing the details on-line.

Numbers and Useful Information

Each activity session lasts for approximately two hours and a maximum of 35 pupils can be accommodated. We can deliver multiple sessions in parellel to support larger school visits. 

Teachers accompanying the group are responsible for providing sufficient leaders appropriate to the age and size of the group. The Bradgate Park team should not be included in the leader ratio.

Pupils age

Number of leaders required

School years one to three (Key Stage 1)

One adult for every six pupils

School years four to six (Key Stage 2)

One adult for every 10 pupils

About your visit

Activities happen whatever the weather (except in severe adverse conditions when you would be advised by a member of the the Trust team). Please ensure that the group is suitably dressed for both sun, or rain as appropriate. For most activities we advise pupils to wear long trousers and sensible shoes, boots or trainers. 

Due to the nature of the Park, each session involves a fair amount of walking, so please ensure children have appropriate bags to carry their belongings.

Welfare facilities that are accessible to all and can be found at all car parks and the Deer Barns in the centre of the Park.

Please note that we don't have any indoor space available for lunches, but there are plenty of great picnic spots.

Self led visits (please see guidance above during Pandemic)

Self organised groups who do not require session leaders are welcome to visit Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood. However, we ask that you advise the Estate Office of your intended visit so that our staff are aware of your group’s presence and can be on hand to provide any advice or assistance you may require. 

Please visit the "self led visit" page for more information by CLICKING HERE.

Educational and life-long learning programmes at Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood are supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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