Filming and Commercial Photography

The term 'filming' refers to all forms of moving image production. This includes feature films, television, commercials, music videos, dramas, documentaries, corporate productions, video and interactive media. The term 'photography' refers to all forms of still, digital and photo imaging. This includes advertising, editorial, weddding, fashion and corporate photography.

Commercial Photography

Our sites have made popular backdrops for many television programmes and commercial photo shoots.  We welcome filming or shoots that promote Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood as special natural environments and historic landscapes, and respect the values of these spaces, our visitors and stakeholders.

The Bradgate Park Trust seeks to accommodate filming and photographic shoot requests, wherever possible. A fee will be charged based on the type of production, length of filming/shoot and the level of assistance provided.

All requests to film or for a photo shoot will be assessed according to the above aims, along with existing scheduled events, planned maintenance work, potential security risks, ceremonial activities and political sensitivities. 

News broadcasters are also asked to contact the Trust before filming/recording on site, and this will normally be accommodated free of charge. Press photographers who are selling images to commercial platforms will be required to apply for a licence. The Trust does offer free Editorial Use only Licences where there is proof of restricted use conditions on images. 

Film makers/photographers will be asked to provide in writing as much information as possible on the following: proposed dates and times; potential locations; content and nature of the script or relevant script pages; public liability insurance; potential stunts or special effects; numbers of vehicles, cast, crew and extras; equipment; parking and budget.

Please note: we do not permit pyrotechnics, wet-downs, use of helicopters, gunfire/firearms, balloon releases, fires; barbeques, nudity, or filming that requires road closures locally, thus affecting our visitors. Filming of a blasphemous, salacious or derogatory nature will not be permitted.

Any commercial filming, photography or audio recording that takes place requires permission from The Trust before it can go ahead and in most cases, will incur a fee. Applications must be submitted at least 10 working days before you want to shoot, using the Filming & Photography Application Form via the link below.

Applications made less than five working days in advance will generally be declined. The form must be detailed and should include a description of the content of the programme that you are making or a treatment for your photography shoot. Where you wish to shoot in several locations, please indicate this on the form.

The Trust charges fees for all commercial filming, stills shoots and photographic events (walks and workshops). Fees are determined dependent on the nature and purpose of the shoot, cast/crew size and length of time on site. 

Through mutual discussion over a number of steps the Trust will try to accommodate requests, where the landscape is not affected by actions. These include:

  1. Pre-application advice: An initial conversation and/or site visit with location managers not familiar with our Estate, or for those planning a large or complex shoot, is required to discuss the logistics of a request and determine from an early stage what may and may not be achievable. Filmmakers must provide as much detailed information as possible, including dates/times, proposed locations, content and nature of script, crew numbers and public liability insurance details. By this approach we can advise you if any aspect of the proposal may not be possible. We  will always strive to find a compromise or alternative location. Following a discussion to agree activities a formal application in writing should be submitted.

  2. Formal application and planning meeting (if required): The request should be put in writing using The Trust's Application Form. A copy of Public Liability Insurance (minimum expectation of £5 million per incident/each occurrence or  £10 million for large-scale production) should be included along with a method statement and risk assessment. Receipt of a formal application will be acknowledged within 24 hours and no later than 48 hours by our Estate Office. Each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the various sensitivities and other commitments of our Team, but with a flexible approach aimed at helping meet the creative brief. Depending on the scale of filming or shoot, we may ask for a planning meeting or site visit to confirm logistical arrangements once the request has been agreed in principle.

  3. Agree a fee: As a local charity established to maintain  Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood, we are committed to raising income to allow us to care for, share and inspire visitors around the rich heritage in our custodianship, now and for future generations. We therefore charge for location filming in most cases.Our charges are a guide only. Any additional services based on specific requirements will be charged at cost. Filming or photography cancelled at late notice may be charged a cancellation fee. 

  4. Sign legally binding contract: A formal location agreement will be issued, confirming all mutually agreed arrangements and restrictions. A copy signed by both parties will be lodged with The Trust and with the film-maker. Filming cannot proceed unless a legally binding Licence is in place. Changes proposed once the Filming Agreement has been signed must be mutually agreed in writing and appended to the original Licence.

  5. Payment must be made in advance, against a Trust invoice. After the event a debrief may be required.

We support emerging talent and will offer reduced rates where possible to low-budget and student film-makers. The same process as for professional filming should be followed and students must produce a letter on headed paper from their educational establishment confirming their student status. Method statements and risk assessments will need to be provided. 

When permitted filming is occurring, a warning notice must be clearly displayed. It is advisable to use children whose parents/guardians have given prior permission and signed a release form if general imagery is being generated where visitors might be recorded. 

In some instances the Trust can provide assistance with access and transporting equipment.

For further information, contact the Estate Office.

Amateur/Personal Photography

We welcome personal memories of visits being created, but remind all visitors to keep their distance when recording the deer. 

Photographic Memories

We support amateur and student photographers taking photographs for a private portfolio, educational coursework, or exhibition and small scale commercial use use.

It maybe necessary to apply for permission to use images of Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood for commercial  purposes, this includes professional portfolios. This includes larger sales of images taken as cards; calendars; paintings; prints; clothing or any form of product. Please remember Bradgate Park is a charity and these actions breach our long established byelaws.

We accept that entering images in competitions may lead to financial gain from winnings and welcome this. 

People wishing to undertake formal engagement/pre-wedding or wedding photography or filming will be required to ensure their photographer has an approved licence. Please confirm this with your photographer.