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Bradgate Park Venison

The deer at Bradgate Park are effectively wild animals that, unlike farmed livestock are not tagged, handled or housed for the winter. They receive no routine veterinary treatment or drugs of any kind. As deer have no natural predators and the herds are contained within the boundary wall, their numbers have to be controlled so that they do not outstrip the carrying capacity of the Park. As between 100 and 130 young are born each summer, an equivalent number of animals must be culled in order to maintain the balance. The Estate does not offer commercial deerstalking and all culling is carried out by our own qualified and experienced staff.

As well as being a delicious and versatile meat, venison is low in fat and therefore one of the healthiest of meats to eat. When you buy Bradgate Park venison, you can be sure you are purchasing meat that has been produced from animals that have enjoyed free range extensive grazing on grass that is not treated with artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays.

Bradgate Park venison is available at the Conservatory Tearoom at Newtown Linford.  A selection of steaks, diced meat for stews and casseroles and sausages or burgers is available and are individually priced.

We can also supply whole carcasses for retail butchers and caterers as well as the larger home freezer – contact us for details.

For further information, or to enquire about placing an order, please contact the Estate Office on 0116 236 2713 or email:

NEW THIS SEASON we are now selling joints, steaks, sausages and burgers from the freezer in the Visitor Centre.


We currently have no stocks of Logs for sale. Please check back later in the year when new supplies will become available.

Hardwood logs produced on the Estate from sustainably managed woodlands. and ideal for either open fires or woodburners.

Price £5.00 per net bag or

Summer Offer

Reduced from £90 to £70 for a builders bag, delivered free in the local area.
A delivery charge will apply for delivery more than 5 miles from the Park.
We offer free delivery for up to 5 miles.
Between 5 – 10 miles the charge is £5
Over 10 miles the charge is £10
Contact the Estate Office on 0116 236 2713 for details or to place an order.

All firewood supplied is SEASONED

Also available:

Kindling – £3.50 per bag.

Charnwood Forest BBQ Charcoal- £4.00 per bag

We have recently purchased a charcoal kiln and will now be able to convert much of the small diameter hardwood timber that is produced as a by-product of our work managing the Park woodlands and Swithland Wood into barbecue charcoal.

Charnwood Forest Charcoal is produced from sustainably managed woodlands and is not treated with harmful chemicals as can be the case with imported charcoal. By buying locally, you know that your barbecue has “low BBQ miles”.

Contact the Estate Office or speak to a member of Park staff.

Deerskins & Antlers

We have a selection of antlers available for sale, both naturally cast single antlers and sets from culled animals.

Contact the Estate Office for details or email:

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