We’re so excited that you will be joining us for Bradgate Park’s Winter Fayre 2022. Please see below for information regarding arrival and set-up, parking, and close-down.


Date Start End
Saturday 26th November 10am 4pm
Sunday 27th November 10am 4pm


We will be hiring three marquees, which will be located on the Deer Meadow (number 3 on the map below), beside the Deer Barn Visitor Centre and Café. We will have a wide variety of stallholders inside these marquees, as well as stallholders in gazebos and a selection of catering on the area outside surrounding the marquees.

Map of Bradgate Park showing access

You have been sent a plan of the event for both Saturday (26th) and Sunday (27th). Please familiarise yourselves with this layout – however, our staff and volunteers will be on hand to assist you/direct you to your stall if you’re unsure on the morning!

The marquees are 9x15 metres, and will have covered sides. There is an entrance at one end and an exit at the other, allowing for free flowing movement between marquees for visitors.


You will be arriving at Bradgate Park via the Newtown Linford car park. The address is:

            Bradgate Road
            Newtown Linford
            LE6 0HB


Due to the nature of the Deer Meadow, we cannot allow all vehicles to drive onto the meadow at once for set up. This is to prevent vehicles becoming stuck and the ground becoming damaged. 

To ease damage from vehicles on the Deer Meadow, we will be creating a temporary road around the Meadow – this will allow your vehicle to access the Meadow without the risk of becoming stuck in the mud. However, this means we are only able to allow a small number of vehicles to access the Meadow at a time.

To manage this, we will be staggering stallholder arrival times. This will make the process of unloading more streamlined on the day, and will help to ease queuing times.

Your arrival time and your parking space is allocated based upon your position on the field:


7am arrival at Newtown Linford

Parking at Deer Barns

Indoor: Marquee 1

7.20-7.30am arrival at Newtown Linford

Parking at Hallgates stackyard

Indoor: Marquee 2

7.50-8am arrival at Newtown Linford

Parking at Hallgates stackyard

Indoor: Marquee 3

8.20-8.30am arrival at Newtown Linford

Parking at Deer Barns

Please come prepared to unload your vehicle relatively quickly – wheelbarrows are welcome! We will have Stewards on site ready to help direct you to your stall, and to assist you with moving your products/equipment.

Please do not arrive earlier or later than your allotted time slot.


As a matter of urgency, please send the registration plate of the vehicle that you will be bringing to Amy ([email protected]).

Your parking location has been allocated based on your stall location.

For those parking in the Hallgates stackyard: you will have to walk back along the carriageway to the Deer Meadow. The walk takes approximately 30 minutes once you have parked your vehicle – and you will also have to make this journey to collect your vehicle at the end of the day.

We encourage stallholders to reduce the number of vehicles being brought onsite as much as possible, as we have relatively limited parking at the Park. Please do not bring more than one vehicle per stall. 

Accessible parking

For those who have requested parking spaces in the Deer Barns car park for accessibility reasons, these have been reserved for you – please make yourself known to a member of staff upon your arrival.

Close down

The event will end at 4pm, at which point close down will begin.

Please note: sunset is at approximately 4pm on the weekend of 26/27th November, and there is no artificial light on the park. We will be lighting the marquees and event space, but we ask you to bring a torch with you, plus any additional artificial lighting that may help you with closing down.

As with your arrival, we will aim to process as many vehicles as quickly possible – however, we will need your patience! We will be allowing a small number of cars onto the Deer Meadow at a time to load up, so you may have to wait a while for your vehicle to access the Meadow.

For those who have parked their vehicle in Hallgates car park, please bear in mind that you will need to walk approximately 30 minutes along the carriageway to Hallgates car park to collect your vehicle.

For those who have not parked, vehicles must re-enter the park via Hallgates car park (LE7 7HQ).

Vehicles will be permitted to drive along the carriageway to the Deer Meadow, before exiting via Newtown Linford car park.

    Important reminders

    • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any of the following:
      • Chairs
      • Electricity
        • Excepting catering stallholders – this will have been agreed with Amy.
      • Tables
        • Excepting stallholders who have hired tables from the Park – this will have been agreed with Amy.
        • Please note, we have no more tables available to hire.
      • There is to be no cooking within the marquees.
      • When driving along the carriageway, please observe the 10mph speed limit.

    Keep in contact

    If your requirements change, or if you have any queries or concerns, please email Amy at [email protected] or give her a call on 0116 236 2713 ext. 34.