Trademarks owned by Bradgate Park Trust

Iconic Image of Old John Tower

Bradgate Park Trademark Logo

The image of Old John Tower is a registered Trademark of the Bradgate Park Trust (No. 2272669A and No. 2272669B and 2272671 as of 15th June 2001.)

as are the styles, Bradgate, Bradgate Park, Bradgate Country Park (registered under No 2240779A and B as of 18th July 2000.)

Whilst historically this has not been enforced, unauthorised use of these trademarks in products offered for sale and other commercial uses such as business names and logos is something the Trust is increasingly taking action to prevent.  This is about protecting the identity and brand of the Trust and of the Estate, and its heritage. 

The Trust offers free Editorial Use only Photographic Licences. Please contact our Estate Office for details.

Businesses may apply for a licence to use these trademarks on commercial terms, or become corporate supporters of the Charity and offer ongoing support towards our projects and works. 

Download the Corporate Support Document

Creative Practitioner Licence for small/hobby enterprise.

We recognise that many people take inspiration from the Park and may sell images, merchandise (for example greeting cards, mugs, clothing, bags etc) and creative works (for example paintings, needlework; pottery, glass work) to make a small amount of money from their hobby. The Trust has introduced a five-year licence for creative practitioners whose turnover is less than £2,500 that gives unlimited use of our trademarks (so long as they are not used in a way that might bring the Trust into disrepute) for a one-off payment of £100. If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please contact our Estate Office. They will send you more information and an application form. Once a licence is signed and payment is received, logos will be sent to you for use on websites and products as desired

Proud to be Inspired by Bradgate Park Logotypes for Commercial usage