Concessionary Car Parking Season Ticket (Full Year) Renewal

Valid 7 days a week in any Bradgate Park or Swithland Wood car park. For Senior Citizens (aged 65 years and over) and disabled Blue Badge holders.
Renewal applications DO NOT need to send proof of concessionary status.


Our preference is to contact you via email rather than postal communications for the purpose of this application.

This application is for a Concessionary Season Ticket Renewal. Please confirm your eligibility by ticking box below. As this is a renewal, your Blue Badge or age does not require further proof.

Vehicle Details

On clicking SEND you will be forwarded to a payment form which will need to be completed in full so that your application can be processed. Once payment has been authorised your Season Ticket will be dispatched for you to use. This should be displayed in the windscreen/dashboard of your vehicle, you don’t need to pay the daily parking charge. The Season Ticket is not transferable and if tampered or changed will be deemed void.

Please note your season ticket is NOT valid until you have received it and it is displayed in your vehicle.