Join us for an exciting day of discovery and hands-on activities at our Archaeology Fun Day!

We’re joining in with the Festival of Archaeology and whether you're a history enthusiast or looking for a fun family outing, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

When: 24th July 2024  Where: Deer Meadow (Next to the Visitor Centre and Cafe)  Time: 11am - 3pm

Along with our knowledgeable staff and volunteers, Ice Age Journeys and The Prehistoric Workshop will be with us to offer an insight into ancient life at Bradgate Park. You can join in with:

  • Test your aim and learn the ancient art of spear-throwing
  • Dig into the past with our interactive sandpit excavations, perfect for budding archaeologists
  • Get creative with our craft stations and try your hand at making your own pinch pot
  • Learn how flint tools were made in prehistoric times
  • Witness the ancient process of turning flax into linen
  • Watch demonstrations of spinning and weaving techniques
  • Get up close and personal with our collection of historical artefacts

Looking to delve deeper?

Then why not book onto one of our “Unveiling the History of Bradgate Park” tours (charges apply), led by experts Professor Richard Thomas and Peter Liddle. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating discoveries made during the Bradgate Park University of Leicester digs.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the past and engage in a variety of fun and educational activities. Perfect for all ages!

We look forward to seeing you there!