Our Conservation Volunteer Team is growing! People care passionately about the areas in our care and want to play a part in caring for the natural landscape. People get involved in all sorts of projects: 

  • tree planting
  • dry stone walling
  • clearing vegetation
  • gardening 
  • painting

and much more!

Group sizes are growing - and people of all ages are joining activities! 

We need to have more hand tools including:

  • bow saws
  • spades 
  • buckets
  • forks
  • hand trowels
  • gloves
  • secateurs
  • trowels
  • slashers
  • billhooks

We need tools suitable for young people, ladies; as well full size kit! 

We have been lucky to receive unwanted 'kit' but equally need a bigger stock to ensure tools for groups that join us that can be up to 50 people!

Help us stock the volunteers up! 

This is a great way for individuals, local businesses and fundraisers to help us ensure more people can play a part in caring for Leicestershire's most loved landscapes, benefiting wildlife and people alike!