Join us in our fundraising campaign to Preserve and Restore Old John Tower; the crowning jewel of Leicestershire since 1784!

Standing proud, Old John’s distinct outline evokes fond memories across generations and is an integral part of all that is Bradgate Park.

Vulnerable to the forces of natural erosion, decay, and damage, this treasured Grade II listed building needs immediate attention to prevent deterioration of its historic fabric.

Every penny of your donation will go towards restoring Old John Tower, paying for essential lime mortar pointing, consolidation to cracks, and repairs to the roof. We need your help to ensure repairs happen before it’s too late.

The Bradgate Park Trust is investing £10k of its reserves and needs your help to fundraise the remaining £20K in donations *. As a registered charity, the Bradgate Park Trust looks after over 1,000 acres of historic parkland. The site is vast, and the upkeep is continual.

Together we can keep this irreplaceable landmark standing tall and inspiring imaginations for centuries to come!

*Should the total amount of donations exceed the initial target outlined for the Old John Tower repairs, all further donations will be spent on the conservation and maintenance of the Park, in line with the Trust's charitable objectives.

From all of us at Bradgate Park Trust, we thank you for your support.