Protecting the Park

We don’t like to have too many rules but you can help us to look after the Park and ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit by following a few simple ones.

Guard against the risk of fire

Note that barbeques are not permitted anywhere within the Country Park or car parks. In a dry summer the Park and its wildlife could be devastated by one carelessly dropped match or cigarette end.

Do not feed the deer

It is unhealthy for the deer can be dangerous for you as it encourages them to pester people aggressively for food.


Observe the 4 Cs of responsible dog ownership:

  • CONTROL – keep your dog on a lead or under close control
  • CHASING – deer die from being chased and the stress it causes. Most deaths are not caused by the dog catching and mauling the deer. ANY deer chase is potentially fatal and can lead to prosecution.
  • CONSIDER other people – they might not like dogs and your dog running up to them can be terrifying
  • CLEAN UP after your dog – if it fouls in a public area bag the mess and bin it in any litter bin. In the remoter parts of the Park ‘stick and flick’ into the long grass or bracken. PLASTIC BAGS KILL DEER so do not leave bags of dog mess lying around or tied to bushes.

Place litter in the bins provided

or more helpfully please take it home. Use the recycling bins for your recyclables and don’t put general waste in them.


is permitted along the tarmac carriageway in Bradgate Park and on bridleways and concessionary horse tracks in Swithland Wood. Pedestrians have priority. Riding of bikes elsewhere in Bradgate Park or Swithland Wood is not allowed.

The use of metal detectors is not permitted

Due to the rules governing the Site of Special Scientific Interest and Scheduled Ancient Monuments.


For the safety of the wildlife, drones are not permitted on the Park.


(For those who do like rules, use of the Park is governed by our Byelaws, which are on display at every entrance)

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