Enjoying the Park

The Bradgate Park Estate (both Bradgate Park & Swithland Wood) is used by visitors for a wide range of recreational purposes.

As a general rule, access on foot is permitted to all parts of the Park and Wood during the hours of daylight (and on Public Rights of Way at all reasonable times). Areas that the public are asked to keep out of, such as the Deer Sanctuary and some of the enclosed spinneys, are clearly marked. Visitors are encouraged to leave the tarmac carriageway and explore.



Pedal cycling (not motor cycling) is ONLY allowed along the tarmac Carriageway within Bradgate Park (Newtown Linford entrance through to Hallgates entrance).

Cyclists must ride slowly and carefully and give way to pedestrians who have priority.

Cycling (on occasions) may NOT be permitted at busy times, particularly at weekends and Bank Holidays (other than by small accompanied children).

CyclingCycling is not permitted at anytime, anywhere within Bradgate Park, other than along the Carriageway.

The use of roller skates, skateboards and children’s scooters is permitted on the Carriageway. Please show courtesy to other users and remember that pedestrians have priority.


Pedal cycling (not motor cycling) is ONLY permitted on the bridleways and concessionary horse tracks within Swithland Wood.

Cyclists must ride slowly and give way to pedestrians and horses.

Cycling is not permitted anywhere else in the Wood.


Horse Riding


A network of interconnecting concessionary horse riding tracks are waymarked (with a yellow flash) across Bradgate Park and link with the main entrances at Newtown Linford, Hallgates and Hunts Hill. The tracks are coloured on the map.


A special gate arrangement exists at the first two entrances so that horses can enter and exit more easily without the deer escaping.  Access at Hunts Hill is via the kiss gate.

Horse riding, solely along the defined tracks, is permitted on any day (from 8am until one hour before dusk) except on Bank Holidays (at any time) and after 12.00noon on Saturday and Sunday afternoons/evenings.

These horse riding routes are not public bridleways and the concessionary horse riding facility may be withdrawn or amended if the routes become very wet, ground conditions are unsuitable, the facility abused or when necessary for management reasons.

There is also a concessionary horse riding track (principally on Trust land but also by courtesy of a neighbouring land owner) immediately outside the Park boundary wall, which links the Hallgates and Hunts Hill entrances to the Park.  The route coincides with that of a public footpath.  

Horses must not be ridden outside the designated tracks and must not be galloped.  Use of the tracks is at the rider’s own risk.  Pedestrians have precedence at all times.


Horse riding can also be enjoyed along the network of waymarked (with a yellow flash) bridleways and concessionary horse riding tracks through Swithland Wood.

The bridleways are coloured on the map. Horses must not be galloped. Pedestrians have precedence.


Commercial Activities

No commercial/quasi commercial activity may be carried out without the permission of the Bradgate Park Trust.

Written application for permission to carry out any such activity should be made to the Estate Office. Any application that is authorised will be subject to conditions and payment of a commercially based fee. Permission will only be given for activities that do not cause damaged to the Park or detract from its enjoyment by visitors.



The Park is a popular location for all types of filming. The Bradgate Park Trust seeks to accommodate filming requests wherever possible and can provide assistance with access and transporting equipment. A fee will be charged based on the type of production, length of filming and the level of assistance provided.

For further information, contact the Estate Office.

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