Dogs in the Park


The Park welcomes dogs and their owners and want to ensure that both wildlife and walkers enjoy the Park safely.
We ask dogs to keep their owners on leads in the lower section of the Park between the River Lin, across the carriage way up to the middle wall which has clear markers to identify where the owners can be let off the lead.


Water bowls and water bottle top up points can be sniffed out at the Conservatory Tearoom, Deer Barn Tearoom .  Owners also have the opportunity for refreshment at these areas too.  Alternatively the water from the River Lin is fresh and cool and can be paddled in and drank from….whilst your owners balance on the side of the bank holding onto the lead.

Cultured Canines

The Visitor Centre also have water bowls and complimentary dog biscuits for any of us cultured canines waiting for owners to go around the Visitor Centre and learn more about the Park.

Swithland Wood

In hotter months highly recommended that you take your owners to Swithland Wood which is just across the road from the Hall Gates entrance of Bradgate Park.  You can allow your owners off the lead, if under control.  There is a great stream that runs through the wood and the trees make it lovely and cool in Spring the bluebells are beautiful.
Car parking fees are an honesty box which your owners will smile at.
You will often see horses and cyclists passing through the woods on special paths so make sure your owners stay vigilant.

unknownGuided Walkies

The Bradgate Park Rangers run a Guided Walkies regularly at Swithland Wood.  This is great fun, take your owners along on this informal walk with a Ranger and Dog Behaviourist.
Your owners will learn about the nature in the wood and how to be a pack leader.
Want to know more or book then give the Estate Office a woof.


The map below shows areas of the park with special conditions for walking your dog.

We welcome visitors with their dogs but please be aware of these codes of behaviour.

Please follow the National Dog Walking code and observe the 4 Cs of responsible dog ownership:

CONTROL – keep your dog on a lead or under effective control. A seasonal “dogs on leads” rule is in force in parts of the Park. Please observe the signs.

CHASING – deer die from being chased and the stress it causes. Most deaths are not caused by the dog catching and mauling the deer. ANY deer chase is potentially fatal and can lead to prosecution. The law allows us, in extreme circumstances, to shoot dogs that are worrying the deer.

CONSIDER other people – they might not like dogs and your dog running up to them can be terrifying

CLEAN UP after your dog – if it fouls in a public area bag the mess and bin it in any litter bin. In the remoter parts of the Park ‘stick and flick’ into the long grass or bracken. PLASTIC BAGS KILL DEER so do not leave bags of dog mess lying around or tied to bushes.

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