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Self Guided Story Walks for Children and Families

Discover the Park at Your Own Pace

Written and illustrated by Maggie Morland, we have developed a series of story walks for families with young children exploring the geology, wildlife and history of Bradgate Park.

These walks are available in a handy leaflet format and include a hand-drawn map and directions as well as sound scientific facts and explanations of the various points of interest covered by the story.

Voll-Kayno The sleeping Giant

Voll Kayno – The Sleeping Giant of Bradgate Park

A Story Walk for Families and Young Children Discovering the Geology of Bradgate Park

Join Voll Kayno for a walk around Bradgate Park to learn about the fascinating geology that lies beneath this special place. Whether he is indulging in his favourite pastime of moonbathing or nibbling on a brick biscuit, Voll Kayno will introduce both children and adults to some of Bradgate’s 500 million years of history.

Maggie Morland’s delightful fantasy story is beautifully illustrated by the author and contains a hand-drawn map and suggestions for short walks from each of the Park’s car parks if you are not ready to tackle the full 5-mile route.

This publication, which combines a fairytale with sound science and geological facts, is available from our Shop or Visitor Centre.

Price £1

Fallow the Fearless Fawn

A Story Walk exploring the Park’s wildlife

Join Fallow the Fawn as she grows up on Bradgate Park and meets some of the creatures who live here – from Adder the snake to Garnet the stag – and hears their stories.

Written and illustrated by Maggie Morland, this enchanting tale of a young deer discovering the world around her is an ideal way of introducing children to some of the wide variety of wildlife that can be found at Bradgate Park.

Available from the Shop or Visitor Centre

Price £1

Old Oak – Time Traveller of Bradgate Park

Aimed at older children, Maggie Morland guides readers through 800 years of history as seen through the eyes of one of Bradgate Park’s ancient oak trees.

From medieval serfs and nobles to soldiers training for war in the 20th Century, Old Oak as seen it all and lived to tell the tale!

Available from the Shop or Visitor Centre.

Price £1


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