Vehicular Access & Coach Parties


Vehicles are not normally permitted to drive into Bradgate Park. However, the Bradgate Park Trust operates and concessionary scheme for those people who are Blue Badge holders who are unable to visit Bradgate Park on foot.

The Bradgate Park Trust allows Blue Badge holders to drive or be driven along the main carriageway through Bradgate Park, during the main visitor season.

The Scheme operates as follows:


Summer: Drive Through Scheme

Operates between 1st April till 31st August 2017

Every Saturday and Thursday morning – 9.00am till 11.45am
(last admission 11.00am)

Winter: Drive Through Scheme

Operates from 7th September till 28th October 2017

Thursday afternoon — 2.30pm till 7.00pm (last admission 6.30pm , 4.00pm throughout October)
Saturday morning – 9.00am till 11.45am (last admission 11.00am)

Only Cars are admitted under this scheme. Such vehicles must display a valid Blue Badge with the Blue Badge holder present in the vehicle.

We can, on a one-off basis allow mini buses access – please contact the Estate Office for more details.


Vehicles must enter and leave the Park by the Newtown Linford entrance.

Parking is available at the Deer Barn Tea Room/Visitor Centre/Toilets in the centre of Park.

Parking is not permitted on or alongside the carriageway in the Park.

When driving through groups of pedestrians, cars must be driven at walking pace. When the road is clear an absolute maximum speed limit of 10 m.p.h. must be observed.

Pedestrians must be given precedence at all times.

Telephone Enquiries : Leicester (0116) 236 2713 and ask for Lynda Taylor/Michele Walker.

There is no charge for this service, however, the Trust is a Registered Charity and requests all participants to make an annual donation in recognition of the facilities provided and to help cover the costs of running the Scheme and having a dedicated member of staff on duty at the Newtown Linford entrance.



Vehicles are not normally permitted to drive into Bradgate Park. A special exception can usually be made available, to enable a coach carrying a group of disabled or elderly people, to drive along the carriageway through the centre of Bradgate Park.

This Special Facility is only available during April – October (Inclusive)

Any weekday morning or afternoon (except Thursday afternoons) (subject to making prior written arrangements with the Estate Office). Coach Trips cannot be accommodated at weekends or Bank Holiday periods.

Only Mini-Coaches, Ambulances for the Disabled or Coaches (up to 52 seater) are permitted.

Note: Continental-type or double-decker Coaches are not permitted, (due to height restrictions under the trees along the carriageway and width of gateways).

A member of the Bradgate Country Park staff meets the party at the main Newtown Linford entrance to the Park and will then accompany the Coach along the Carriageway, past the Ruins of Bradgate House, through to the Deer Barn Buildings (centre of Park).

The member of staff will, during the journey, give a short talk covering aspects of the History, Natural History and Geology of the Park, the Grey family, and the Country Park generally.

Note: Occupants are not permitted to alight during the journey through the Park but the coach is allowed to pull up at the various points of interest. The coach must drive slowly.

At the Deer Barn Buildings the coach will stop. Visitors can alight to use the toilets and visit the Deer Barn Tea Room and Bradgate Park Visitor Centre. (See separate information for Tea Room and Visitor Centre opening times)

Return Journey. The coach will turn round at the Deer Barn and, when the group is ready to leave the Park, drive back along the same route to exit at Newtown Linford. The member of staff will not accompany the coach on the return journey.


Mini Coach – £45.00 (inclusive of VAT)

Coach – £65.00(inclusive of VAT)

Ambulance for the Disabled – £35.00(inclusive of VAT)

To enquire about Booking a Coach Trip, telephone the Bradgate Park Estate Office on Leicester (0116) 236 2713

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