Leicestershire Yeomanry War Memorial

Leicestershire Yeomanry War Memorial

Erected in the northwest part of Bradgate Park, on the other end of the ridge of high land occupied by Old John Tower – all of which creates a distinctive skyline, visible from much of Leicestershire.


The War Memorial which stands on an area of consecrated “Holy Ground” commemorates the men of the Leicestershire Yeomanry who died in the Boer War and the two World Wars.

The Memorial is an obelisk containing two bronze tablets.  From the base of the Memorial there are wonderful panoramic views across Bradgate Park, the Charnwood Forest and large parts of Leicestershire.

They-shall-not-be-forgottenEvery year a Memorial Service is held in Newtown Linford Church followed by a wreath-laying ceremony at the Memorial on the Sunday morning nearest to the anniversary of the Battle of Frezenberg, near Ypres in France (13th May 1915), in which the Yeomanry (a cavalry regiment) suffered huge losses.

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